Adventures in Food for the Romantic, the Foolhardy and the Brave


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4.5% of people say that bacon is their favourite food
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Oct 20th:
Gastronaut published in UK
Nov 6th 1pm Stefan cooks extraordinary food at Covent Garden Food Lovers' Fair
Feb 2006:
Gastronaut published in Germany
April 2006:
Gastronaut published in US





The Gastronautical Survey

This is your chance to have your say about food and win one of 12 prizes of a biscuit-tin smokery & sausage-gilding kit. There's one to be won every month from October 2005.

·1 Which meal, if any, is most likely to end in SEXUAL CONGRESS?
·2 What food makes you most FLATULENT?
·3 If you were a CANNIBAL, which celebrity would you most like to eat?
·4 Do you see any food as BAD or TABOO? Why?
·5 Are you TASTY?
·6 What's your FAVOURITE FOOD?
·8 Does any food give you interesting physical SIDE EFFECTS?
·9 Who's the most IRRITATING FOOD CELEB?
·10 What food is NAFF?
·11 Do you think Delia wears nipple clamps whilst filming her TV show?

Please either cut and paste the questions above into an email, or download the document below, fill it in and mail it back to me. (I know it’s a clunky way of going about it – apologies).
Download survey as a Word doc (29k)
Download survey as a .txt doc

Please send completed surveys to

Read the results of the survey so far

What’s the survey for?

Before I started writing this book I wanted to get a better understanding of people’s relationship with food, so I drew up a list of simple questions and sent it to as many people as I could. I didn’t really expect anyone to fill it in, but the response was astounding: people loved being asked about food, and enthusiastically detailed all of their grubbiest eating habits. I had originally thought that although we are a lovely and huggable tribe, the British are pretty conservative eaters. Oh, how wrong I was.

My task of creating a snapshot of the nation’s murkier eating habits is not yet complete, and these results have been compiled from the first 500 replies.







Ó Stefan Gates 2005